Residential & Commercial Services

Lawn Mowing

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly plans available.
  • Mulching or Pickup options available.
  • Basic Packages include: Mowing/Edging/Mulching Clippings.
  • Packages generally start at $35 and go up. Prices vary depending on size property and amount of time to complete.
  • We generally mow at 2.5 inches, but will mow according to your preference.


  • Hedge/Shrub Pruning.
  • Bottom Side Tree Trimming.

Spring/Fall Property Cleanup

  • Clearing out overgrowth and unwanted vegetation.
  • Leaf Removal (Prices vary depending on size of property and amount of leaves).

Sod Installation

  • Fescue (Spring through Fall).
  • Bermuda (Spring/Summer).
  • We get all of our high quality sod from Cranmer Grass Farming Inc.


  • Installation of borders, mulch, rocks and gravel.
  • Planting flowers, hedges, shrubs and small trees.
  • Management. Includes weeding flowerbeds and pruning when needed.

Junk Removal & Hauling

  • Pile it up and we'll haul it away. or point it out and let us to the hard work.
  • Clear out property interior or exterior.
  • Garage/Shed Clean out.

Gutter Cleaning

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